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Kpangba Foods on Wheels to revolutionize healthy eating habits in Nigeria

What is Kpangba Foods on Wheels (KFW) all about? Well, she is the symbol of food for healthcare service, the communicator and information disseminator and instrument of education of food for healthcare service, Data collection and registration of our customers for healthcare and serving patrons inside and outside the Mobile Restaurant.

Kpangba Foods on Wheels launches website

Kpangba Foods on Wheels launches a website dedicated to its proposed plan to provide the best quality food in town. Information about Kpangba’s strategy, international partnerships, and planning activities is now available online on this website.

Kpangba Foods on Wheels

Kpangba Foods On Wheels (KFW) is using food through our innovation in the Quick Restaurant Service to deliver Healthcare Service in collaboration with Healthcare Insurance companies, Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Social Insurance companies on building a more inclusive Healthcare service to ultimately enhance the resilience of over 90% without Healthcare insurance, lower-income households.

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Our MVP is in the Works!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is currently under development!