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Serving Healthy Meals embedded with Medical Bills!

Kpangba foods on Wheels is using Mobile Restaurant to serve healthy meals embedded with medical bills, to help customers solve their OUT-OF-POCKET Health Expenditures, in collaboration with Healthcare Providers with Digital Electronic Health Card for customers to access Healthcare facilities at all levels

Kpangba Foods on Wheels

Our Health Care Solution

In collaboration with healthcare insurance companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and social insurance companies, KFW is using food as a means of delivering healthcare services to those in need. Our goal is to build a more inclusive healthcare system and enhance the resilience of lower income households and those without healthcare insurance. By extending healthcare to the vulnerable and disabled, KFW is working to improve the lives of over 90% of individuals in need.


Revolutionary mobile restaurants

Are you tired of the same old dining options? Look no further, because KFW is here to revolutionize the way you eat. Our mobile restaurants are stationed at busy locations such as bus stops, local markets, streets, campuses, and beaches, making it easy for you to grab a quick and delicious meal on the go.
But that’s not all – KFW also provides catering services for special events such as carnivals, cultural festivals, open air concerts, trade fairs, sport activities, and parties. Our mobile restaurants can be easily moved and removed after each event, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all of our customers.

Kpangba Foods on Wheels

At Kpangba Foods on Wheels (KFW), we understand that financial barriers can often prevent individuals from accessing the healthcare services they need. That’s why we are proud to offer the KFW Health Card, a revolutionary new way for Nigerians to access healthcare services without any financial transaction.

With the KFW Health Card, you can present it to hospitals, pharmacies, and welfare insurance companies without worrying about paying out of pocket. Whether you need to see a doctor, pick up a prescription, or seek compensation for loss of income and shelter due to health issues, the KFW Health Card has you covered.

Introducing Quick Restaurant for Healthcare Service

Good things come to those who cook for others

At Kpangba Foods on Wheels (KFW), we believe that everyone should have access to quality healthcare services. That’s why we have developed a simple method to enable Nigerians to access equitable healthcare services through our new quick restaurant service.

To take advantage of this innovative service, all you need to do is patronize our mobile restaurants and we will take care of your health insurance premium and Medicare, including for your spouse and up to four children. Each family member will receive a digital electronic health card, which can be used to access health facilities at all levels without any financial transactions from the holder.

Continental Foods

We offer different kind of dishes including continental dishes.

Affordable Price

Our food are the best in town with true affordability.

Friendly Place

We offer a real feel and easily accessible solution.

Cafeteria Service

We offer the best of the careteria services

Live Music

You can't have it better than a restuarant with real cultural feel.

Free Wifi

What about our plan to provide a free wifi while you eat.


We Offer Top Notch !!


The best breakfast option with our personal timetable.


Our restaurant provides you with appetizers as a service just within your plan.


We never stop surprising you with our desserts.


What about our locally blend healthy drinks.


Take A Look At Our Dishes

At Kpangba Foods on Wheels, what you see is what you get!


Our Tourism Solution

At Kpangba Foods on Wheels (KFW), we are always looking for new ways to innovate and make a positive impact. That’s why we are excited to announce that our unique concept will be used to strategically transform the tourism sector in Nigeria.

By leveraging our simple method, we aim to enable Nigerians and tourists from around the world to have full and easy access to the Nigeria tourism sector. This will not only generate more internal revenue for the country, but also improve the overall social life for everyone involved.

We believe that KFW can play a vital role in boosting the tourism industry and promoting a better quality of life for all. Stay tuned for updates on our exciting plans for the future.


From our Kitchen


We provide quality food at affordable prices. The Sushi is truely assorted and with great taste.


What about the smoked Wagyu


Check out this Crispbread Caviar from our Chef.

We Serve The Best Dish

Our goal is to build a more inclusive healthcare system that enhances the resilience of lower-income households and those without healthcare insurance, who make up over 90% of the population.

By extending healthcare to the vulnerable and disabled, who are often left to their own devices in society, we hope to improve the overall quality of life for these individuals. Through our quick restaurant service, we are working to deliver healthcare services to those in need and ultimately create a more inclusive and supportive society for all.