Food for digitisation to access equitable Healthcare Services

This generation has advanced exceedingly and abundantly beyond measure of our imagination than previous generations, in all areas of human endeavor, in terms of technological development, and more are in the pipelines. The technological achievements in Healthcare has lead to a dramatic increase in life expectancy and decrease infertility throughout the world and better in the past 60 years than the previous 50 generations, infant mortality is over 5 times lower than in the past 60 years, childhood vaccinations has eliminated certain targeted diseases, COVID-19 vaccination and the wearing of mask has helped to curtail the pandemic, major breakthrough in prevention and treatment for conditions like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, to mention but few, are achievements and development centred around these marvelous and champions of all times industries:
The Medical Industry, Pysicians, Hospitals & Clinics, and the added value of Insurance, Shelter, Sanitation, Welfare and Education has helped reduce the complexity of Healthcare.
In all these great advancements and achievements, major Nations of the world have failed in creating a system for equitable access to Healthcare. It has become a mirage in major parts of the world to access equitable Healthcare Services. Provision and access to equitable Healthcare Services has become a great necessity of our modern society and dominates in social, economic, political and religious issues at all times.
Healthcare is the connecting indicator and the greatest of all indicators to all elements and institutions of development and advancement of any nation, it is the greatest weapon against poverty and a catalyst for sustainable long term development of the economy of any Nation, a good Healthcare system will transform and improve the well being of the family and resilient to shocks during health issues. A good Healthcare system will lead workers to be more productive, children to stronger and healthier, students for better learning and the old to be cared for. It is one of the greatest ingredients for economic growth of any Nation, hence, a good Healthcare system is important, critical, paramount, essential, exceedingly and abundantly virtail in reducing the burden on the family and for individuals efforts for national development.


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Our FOOD FOR HEALTHCARE will remove and eliminate every financial barrier preventing access to quality and equity healthcare, as household resilience is an important facet of the contribution of healthcare to society for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

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