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Good things come to those who cook for others

Our simple method will enable Nigerians access to equitable healthcare services, from the meals we serve our guests, through our new method of quick restaurant service we operate.
Guests are to patronize our services at any of our Mobile Restaurant locations, for their Health Insurance Account, as we take responsibilities of their premium and Medicare, including for thier spouse and 4 children with a digital electronic health card each, to enable them access Health facilities at all levels, without any financial transactions from the Holder of the Card.

Yes. The Health CARD does not have limitation on these Services,
our collaboration with Health Insurance Companies, Pharmacies and the Hospitals enables the Holder of the CARD access to these facilities without any form of payment or financial transaction for these services.

You have to patronize our services at any of our Mobile Restaurant
locations for your Health Insurance Account, your account is credited from every meal we serve, when the credit is $250, your Health CARD is issued to enable you access Health facilities at levels

No. Your spouse and 1-4 Children will be issued their Health CARD each.

Yes. When you order for our party service, you, your spouse and 1-4 children are issued Health CARD respectively after full payments are made.

No, it is optional. The cost of meals without a Health Insurance Account is lesser.

The Health CARD carries 5 years, however the Health Insurance policy must be renewed every 12 calendar months from the date of issue. Renewal is through same process of crediting each and every meal served you, to your Health Insurance Account.

The credit on your Health Insurance Account will be carried forward for Completion for your Health CARD.
If the CARD has been issued and couldn’t make up the $250 in the following year, the CARD will stop functioning after some grace and reminder for completion

The CARD is to be presented to relevant Hospitals, Pharmacies and Welfare Insurance Company as the need may be, the list of these institutions closer to you will be delivered with the Health CARD(s).
To the Hospital: the CARD is to be presented to the relevant officer
/ Receptionist for attendance, Doctor’s Consultation, treatment or
Hospitalization without any financial deposit before or after.
To the Pharmacies: The CARD is to be presented to the Pharmacy with Doctor’s Prescription(s) without any form of payment from the holder of the CARD.
To the Welfare Insurance Company: The Card is to be presented to the Welfare Insurance Company for compensation for loss of income and Shelter as a result of Health Issues.
Hence, we advise you carry your Health CARD with you always, for Health Issues do not give notice.

We will use the full force of the collective power of collaboration to do that to save lives.


Please be open with us, we will be glad to answer your question.

We are always ready to create an experience for you whenever you use our service. We ensure you have great quality food always.


Benefits & what We Do?

Are you still in doubt that we are offering you more than just quality foods?

We put in place robust software solution to manage our working process. We always improve on it and trying different experiment to give you the best experience while you use our services.

Yes, if you need a professional to best handle your event, you should not doubt our services.

Yes, we offer catering services even to the smallest number of gathering starting from 2 or more people.

We offer subscription to our packages which we believe are the best for our customer and all level of income earners.

Our MVP is in the Works!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is currently under development!