KFW Health Card: A New Way to Access Quality Healthcare Services in Nigeria

Kpangba Foods On Wheels (KFW) is bringing a new level of innovation to the healthcare industry with our Quick Restaurant Service. By delivering healthcare services through food, we are working in partnership with healthcare insurance companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and social insurance companies to build a more inclusive healthcare system.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enhance the resilience of lower-income households and those without healthcare insurance and to improve the lives of over 90% of individuals in need.

One of the major barriers to accessing healthcare is financial. Many people cannot afford to pay for healthcare services out of pocket, and this can lead to a lack of access to necessary medical care. At KFW, we understand this issue and have developed the KFW Health Card as a solution.

The KFW Health Card allows individuals to access healthcare services without any financial transaction. This means that when you present the card at hospitals, pharmacies, and welfare insurance companies, you don’t have to worry about paying for medical services upfront. Whether you need to see a doctor, pick up a prescription, or seek compensation for loss of income and shelter due to health issues, the KFW Health Card has you covered.

KFW Access Card

Our Quick Restaurant Service offers an even more convenient way to access healthcare services. By patronizing our mobile restaurants, you can have your health insurance premium and Medicare took care of for you, as well as for your spouse and up to four children.

Each family member will receive a digital electronic health card, which can be used to access health facilities at all levels without any financial transactions from the holder. This is a major benefit for those who may not have the means to pay for health insurance on their own, as it allows them to receive the healthcare services they need without worrying about the cost.

Access to Quality Food

In addition to improving access to healthcare, KFW is also working to increase the availability of quality food for all. Poor nutrition is a major contributor to a range of health issues, and access to nutritious food is essential for maintaining good health.

By offering a Food for Healthcare solution and a Food for Tourism solution, we are striving to make a positive impact in multiple areas. Our Food for Healthcare solution ensures that those who are receiving medical care have access to nutritious meals, which can help with recovery and overall health.

Tourism Solution and Revenue Generation

Our Food for Tourism solution allows tourists to experience the best of Nigerian cuisine while supporting local businesses.

Our efforts in the tourism sector will not only generate more internal revenue for Nigeria but also improve the overall social life for everyone involved. By leveraging our unique concept, we aim to enable Nigerians and tourists from around the world to have full and easy access to the Nigerian tourism sector. This will not only boost the local economy but also provide a cultural exchange that enriches the lives of all those involved.

Positive Impact and Commitments

At KFW, we are committed to continuously innovating and finding new ways to make a positive impact. We believe that our Quick Restaurant Service and related initiatives can play a vital role in improving healthcare access and boosting the tourism industry in Nigeria.

By working together with healthcare insurance companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and social insurance companies, we can create a more inclusive and sustainable healthcare system that benefits everyone. Keep an eye out for updates on our exciting plans for the future.

Kpangba Foods on Wheels Access Card

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Our FOOD FOR HEALTHCARE will remove and eliminate every financial barrier preventing access to quality and equity healthcare, as household resilience is an important facet of the contribution of healthcare to society for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

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