Kpangba Foods on Wheels: Maximizing benefits of outdoor eating

There is no doubt, that food is definitely a very important part of our lives and most of us get excited at the idea of eating outside; what with the cool breeze, clear sky and a good view. We covet good food which fuels the body with the necessary nutrients needed to provide energy for various activities, growth, and also ensures that all other functions of the body such as breathing, moving from one place to the other, repair of the body, keeping the immune system healthy and others are done seamlessly.

But apart from these exciting experiences of outdoor eating research suggests that outdoor eating also has some benefits which can positively affect one’s life and lifestyle too.

Our intention: Healthy Outdoor Eating

KFW intends to not only maximize the many exciting benefits of outdoor eating but will be throwing in a few other benefits of her own into encouraging a healthy outdoor eating experience.

KFW’s Mobile Restaurants will be on Bus Stops, Local Markets, Streets, Beaches, Campuses, Carnivals, Cultural Festivals, Open Air Concerts, Sports Centers, Recreational Centers and public Places left untouched by the current operators of quick restaurant service in Nigeria, as a result of lack of infrastructure, lack of public utilities, high cost of rent and above all lack of power supply preventing the organised quick restaurant service from operating on these market segments.

Isn’t it just exciting to be able to sit comfortably at a bus stop, local market, trade fair or other such outdoor setting and eat a healthy meal in a hygienic environment?

Modern Conventional Restuarant

KFW’s Mobile Restaurant has the set-up of a modern conventional Restaurant, serving its patrons both inside and outside of the Mobile Restaurant for their comfort, relaxation, convenience and entertainment of patrons in an excellent and secured environment.

Mobile Restuarant

These Mobile Restaurants would be stationed on Bus Stops, Local Markets, Streets, Campuses, and Beaches, while those for Carnivals, Cultural Festivals, Open Air Concerts, Trade Fairs, Sport Activities and Party Services will be moved and removed after each event.

Food on table

Apart from these benefits, there is the belief that food tastes a lot better when outdoors and you will be able to digest it properly, thanks to the relaxing outdoor environment.

And most importantly, KFW’s vision of outdoor eating serves you, for free, nature’s gift to mankind; fresh air. When you chose KFW’s mobile restaurant you not only get served quality and hygienic food you also get served fresh air! Instead of the stale, recycled indoor air, you enjoy a fresh waft into your system.

Serene and Hygienic Environment

There is no doubt that fresh air in a serene and hygienic environment can do our systems a lot of good. Outdoor eating, especially for those in the 9-5 office regimented routine, can do a lot of good as it has been suggested in research that staying indoors for a very long time can be detrimental to one’s health.

This means that the more you stay in the fresh air, the healthier you are and the more energized you are to carry out your daily activities. Most importantly too, outdoor eating can have some really amazing effects on one as it can soothe one both physically as well as psychologically.

So, eating outdoors is another opportunity to stay fit and healthy and that is another plus for KFW.


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