Kpangba Foods on Wheels to revolutionize healthy eating habits in Nigeria

… to revolutionize the restaurant business in Nigeria

… to eliminate barriers to access to quality and equity healthcare

For humans, and others animals, food is an essential necessity that not only keeps one alive but also ensures steady growth and development.

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Good food fuels the body with the necessary nutrients needed to provide energy for various activities, and growth, and also ensures that all other functions of the body such as breathing, moving from one place to the other, repairing the body, keeping the immune system healthy and others are done seamlessly

No doubt, when children eat well, they usually grow well, women who eat well are likely to produce healthy babies, and men who eat well will be healthy enough to face the day’s activities.

But the popular proverb, ‘eat to live, not live to eat’ also reminds us not to be gluttonous. We are to eat for nourishment, and not as a main source of pleasure. Eating shouldn’t be someone’s favourite activity, but something you do to maintain your health.

And so, if maintaining good health while nourishing the body are two main reasons for eating then Kpangba Foods On Wheels (KFW) not only ticks the boxes but has gone the extra mile to ensure that eating is not just a ritual but an avenue to digitise patrons for Healthcare service as they make their orders.

So, what is Kpangba Foods on Wheels (KFW) all about?

Well, she is the symbol of food for healthcare service, the communicator and information disseminator and instrument of education of food for healthcare service, Data collection and registration of our customers for healthcare, and serving patrons inside and outside the Mobile Restaurant.

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KFW is creating a new brand and method of Quick Restaurant Service, using Mobile Restaurant with autonomous power supply and sanitary system attached to serve quality, standard and affordable nutritious food.

As if that is not enough, having researched and found that about 90% of Nigerians are without a healthcare insurance policy, KFW intends to digitize her patrons for healthcare service, in collaboration with Healthcare Insurance Company (National Health Insurance Scheme), Hospitals, Registered Pharmacies and Welfare Insurance Company.

This is to eliminate all financial barriers preventing access to quality, standard, equitable and inclusive Healthcare service to the bulk of the country’s population thereby reducing the poverty level and creating sustainable economic growth.

Kpangba Foods on Wheels’ (KFW) Food For Healthcare

What this means is that with KFW’s Food For Healthcare, this creative revolution will be eliminating every barrier preventing access to quality and equity healthcare, as household resilience is an important facet of the contribution of healthcare to society for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

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It is important to note that health insurance is an important mechanism to prevent financial hardship in the process of accessing health care. It provides better protection against the large financial burden

There is no doubt that among the challenges militating against access to health insurance schemes are the lack of awareness of the plan and distrust but with KFW’s innovative approach, these two major challenges might just, and rightly so, be on their way to oblivion as you get to hear and even register while enjoying an affordable meal in a hygienic environment.

While we wait with bated breath for the successful take-off of KFW, I shall, in subsequent write-ups be talking about the uniqueness of the proposed locations, how KFW intends to boost tourism, the proposed freebies like music, wifi and other goodies to be unleashed on loyal patrons of this proposed innovative restaurant, so please stay tuned.


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Our FOOD FOR HEALTHCARE will remove and eliminate every financial barrier preventing access to quality and equity healthcare, as household resilience is an important facet of the contribution of healthcare to society for inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

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