Our Team

These unique individuals have worked together on this innovative approach to deliver a transformative value with a compassionate heart and passion, in using food to deliver equitable access to healthcare services to Nigerians, for the global economy through the use of its innovation in Healthcare services, sharing the burden and the responsibilities of Health issues on the family through collaborations with stakeholders, for resilient during health issues, through the exploration of the power of food.
Our innovation provides a valuable solution to the challenges of Healthcare, introduces a new method of using food for digitization for healthcare Services, eliminates every financial barrier preventing access to equitable Healthcare Services, as a new way for accessing equitable Healthcare for individual contribution to national development, in reducing poverty level to create a sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Vincent Odudu

Chief Operation and IT Officer

The Nigerian Healthcare System is about witnessing a golden chapter of sharing the responsibilities of Healthcare for family resilience and individual contribution to national development

Ugochukwu Ajuzie

Chief Admin. & Compliance Officer

There has never been a better time to create a system in the Healthcare Sector, to eliminate every financial barriers preventing access to equitable Healthcare, as we pride ourselves to achieve this noble cause, through our new method of Quick Restaurant Service.

Yetunde Ajose-Akano

Chief Healthcare Officer

Our innovation will allow Nigerians access to equitable Healthcare, the greatest weapon against poverty and a catalyst for sustainable and inclusive economy and long term development of Nigeria.

Omoshalewa Ijituyi

Chief Marketing & Customer Services Officer

A good Healthcare system is important, critical, paramount, essential, exceedingly and abundantly virtail in reducing the burden on the family and for individual efforts for national development.

Femi Oguntoke

Chief Accountant & Finance Officer

Healthcare is the connecting indicator and and the greatest of all indicators to all elements and institutions of development and advancement of a Nation. A Healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Our MVP is in the Works!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is currently under development!